5+ Best Bikes for 5 Year Old Children

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Exercise is an important aspect of our life. It improves our health, our mental aptitude and has a host of other benefits associated with it. And just because one is young, it doesn’t mean that our children cannot benefit from exercise either. Cycling is an important and essential part of young children’s activities. Knowing how to cycle at a young age will help a child to be better able to learn how to balances themselves and prepare them for riding motorcycles and scooters later on as well. It helps them with enhancing their motor skill, helping them to spend more times outdoors and provides essential exercise for them in a safe and secure manner.

But when it comes to buying a bike for your young one, what do you keep in mind? What factors set out a great bike from an average bike? What kind of tire treading, or wheel diameter or suspension should you be looking out for?

Not to fret, for we have done all the legwork for you. From figuring out which features are the most important to look for in a bike for your 5 year, to making a comprehensive list of the 5 best bikes for 5 year olds in the market currently. We hope that with the help of our guide, that by the end of our buyer’s guide, that you too shall be well educated in matters of bikes for young children. And hopefully, you find a product that you like among our list of the best bikes for 5 year olds, further cutting down the time you need to work on this.

Features to keep in mind


Like all bikes, the frame size and the wheel size of the bicycle are important factors to keep in mind. Usually people buy bikes which are too small for them. On a perfectly sized bike, when the pedal is at the lowest position, your legs will be straight down but will not be “locked” at the knee joint. If your knee joint is “locked” or completely extended then the bike is too big for you. If you’re experiencing knee valgus, or when your knee is bending outwards away from the body, then the bike is too small for you. For a bike for a 5 year old, you want the wheel diameter to be just a couple of inches higher than the inseam of your little one. That is one easy way to ensure that the bike you’re buying is of the perfect size for your child.

Weight Limitations:

Most bike manufacturers will keep a maximum weight limit based on the design of the frame. Make sure that when you’re buying a bike for your little one that they don’t exceed the weight limit. Though, generally most children should be fine on most well-built bicycles but some of the lighter models have slightly more restrictive weight limitations.

Frame Style:

One thing that you might want to look out for is that their top bar should be at a lower position making it easier to mount and dismount for children. The bike should also generally be more lightweight so that your child can easily manoeuvre it around without much effort on their part.
While for adults, the difference between men’s and women’s bike are appreciable it is not the same for children. Children’s bodies haven’t differentiated enough by the age of 5 that they need specifically separate bikes. That said, the above statement doesn’t mean that bikes marketed to just one gender is a bad bike. In fact, it is the opposite, as a good bike is going to be good for children of all genders.
BMX bikes are also a good choice in terms of bikes for children but their frame is slightly heavier than other bikes made for children. So keep that in mind if you’re looking at BMX bikes for your child.


While disk brakes are usually considered superior to rim brakes, they will rarely be available in any bikes other than the most expensive ones. And while your child can stop the bike with the soles of their shoes since they won’t be travelling at any high speeds, it is always a good idea to have a bike with good brakes in case they’re riding on inclines, even if they are gentle slopes. Bikes with rear brakes or dual brakes will be better than the bikes with just front brakes since they have a higher chance of injury. Bikes with coaster brakes are also available. These bikes are easier to operate and manage since they don’t have so many cables and wires but the braking power is markedly reduced compared to traditional brakes.

Pedals or No Pedals:

While looking for bikes, one would also notice that there is an abundance of bikes without any pedals. These bikes are propelled by the child using their feet to push off the ground, almost like a scooter or skateboard. These are great bikes for those children who have to get better at balancing themselves. Though not every kid will like this bike since it does take some time to get used to. Bikes sans pedals are still a great choice though but keep in mind the preferences of your particular little one before buying one.

Suspensions and Tires:

Learning to ride a back can be an uncomfortable experience, especially for ones backside. One way to make sure that your child is having a good time is to try and look for bicycles which have a seat suspension. A seat suspension will have a drastic effect on the quality of the ride that your child will experience and give a markedly smoother ride. While it would probably be found only on top end bikes, a front fork suspension would also make the ride smoother and more comfortable for your child. Suspension are even more necessary if your child is going to ride their bicycle over uneven or bumpy terrain. As for tires, since it is highly unlikely that your kid is going to be racing down streets trying to hit high speeds, smoother tire treads are not a requirement. In fact, you want to be shooting something akin to the tires of cross-hybrid bike if anything. Smoother in the middle and more tread on the outer edges, which will give an easier riding experience during straight rides on even terrain and more grip during turns on uneven terrain. Though if your bike of choice has completely treaded tires that is not a bad choice either since more grip means a more stable ride for your little one. We would advise against completely smooth tires however, since they offer very little in terms of traction and grip in comparison.
Also most, if not all, bikes for children will not have any gears or gear set. If they do, that might be a bonus if your child is going to ride their bike up or down inclines, otherwise we recommend not worrying too much about gears. Time for that can come later when the children are slightly older with more powerful bicycles.


Biking in general is a hobby where you get what you pay for. So higher end bikes are much costlier and in turn better than lower end ones. However, since you are buying this bike for your 5 year old, who might get bored of the hobby or might just have a growth spurt, spending an inordinate amount of money is not recommended. A good range to shoot for is around $180-$350 for the best bikes for 5 year olds. There are bikes which offer more features for around $1500 but we haven’t added them to the list solely because those bikes are only going to be bought a very small minority of parents who are biking enthusiasts. But regardless of our list, make sure that you buy the bike that suits your budget.
With that we come to the end of our list of features that we recommend that you keep an eye out for.

Best Bikes for 5 Year Old Children in 2021

Now based on this list, you should have enough information to make an informed choice and research the perfect bike for your little one. But to cut down on your work even more, we have compiled a list of the 5 best bikes for 5 year olds, in our opinion. In no particular order let’s get into it then!

#1 Joystar 14″ Vintage Bicycle for Girls:

This bicycle from Joystar is one of the best bikes for 5 year olds. It is a comfortable and durable bike that lets your child experience the joys of biking since they are young. It comes with in three different sizes but the 14” version is going to be the one that would be best for 5 year olds. The bike is best suited for children who are around 39” to 47” in height.
The seat on the Joystar bike is a shock proof seat, made out of leatherette and in a bigger size than standard seats for children’s bike. This means that it is more comfortable for your little one to ride since the seat will be absorbing a lot of bumps and a bigger seat is more comfortable to ride on.
The Joystar bike does not feature any traditional brakes. Instead it has coasting brakes, which function when one simply pedals backwards to stop the bike. This feature means that the bike doesn’t have any unnecessary cables or wires at the front fork.
The handle on the bike are covered with leather grips which are softer than rubber grips and easier to hold for children. The bike comes with a classic style picker basket which is attached to the front fork of the bicycle. The bicycle doesn’t come with any mudguards, or rear carriers however.
The frame itself is made out of high quality premium steel which is durable but lightweight. The frame is also covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. The bike weighs around 19 lbs.The bike is also comes 85% assembled, so it will easier to assemble for someone at home.


  • Seat suspension
  • Bigger and comfortable seat
  • Easy grip leather handle grips
  • Steel frame
  • Coasting brake


  • No mudguards

All in all, the Joystar Vintage is a great choice for your little one. The bike is comfortable for your kid while still looking aesthetic and built out of good quality material.

#2 RoyalBaby Freestyle 14″ Bike:

The Freestyle bike is a great sporty bike for 5 year olds. Royalbaby is a trusted manufacturer of children’s bicycle and they have among the best products for this category. The Freestyle is another of their product which combines safety with functionality. It is meant for children who are between 36”-47”. The weight of the bike is 22 lbs.
The bike comes with bells, training wheels, water bottle and tools. The bike also comes with an easy release seat bar which makes it easier to quickly adjust the height of the seat bar. The seat itself is made out of foam vinyl for a comfortable ride. It also comes with a carrying handle which makes it easier to move and carry around without riding it everywhere.
The components of the bicycle are of premium quality and haven’t been overlooked just because it is meant for younger children. It has a one-piece crank, with a ball bearing drive shaft. The chains are completely covered with a full chain guard. The wheels are steel wheels with 2.4” pneumatic rubber tires with custom treads.
What really interesting about this bike is it sets of brakes. The front brakes are calliper, rim brakes and the rear ones are coaster brakes. This gives your child an easy option to brake easily with coaster brakes but if there is need then they can use the front rim brakes.
The training wheels that the Freestyle comes with are patented RoyalBaby design, which are made to be durable and last a long time. They are designed with extra rubber to reduce excess noise during riding. There is a kick stand available for this sized bike but it is sold separately.


  • Functional accessories
  • Good quality components
  • Easy to carry around
  • Two different types of brakes for added versatility
  • Comes 95% assembled


  • No suspension
  • No mudguard

As a final note, the Freestyle is a great bike. With its features it is one of the best bikes for 5 year old children. It is very functional and even though it is not as comfortable as the Joystar Vintage. It is available in multiple colors and is a stylish choice for your child.

#3 Schwinn Koen Bike:

Schwinn is one of the most famous names in the realm of bike manufacturers. Schwinn has been manufacturing bikes since 1895. And the Koen is their choice to make bicycles for children. The Koen comes in 5 sizes, though the 14” size is perfect for most 5 year olds.
The Koen is made with SmartStart design. This entails a bike that is built in proportions for easier peddling for children. And the frame itself is made out of durable steel frame.
The bicycle has both rear coaster brakes and front calliper brakes, which makes it easier for the child to transition to proper hand brake only bikes when they’re older. In this regard it is similar to the RoyalBaby Freestyle.
The chain is completely covered to protect your child and their clothes. It is completely covered by a chain guard. The seat saddle is adjustable and has a slack seat-tube angle which lets your child use the bike even as they grow.
The bike comes with a set of training handles, saddle handle for easy carriage and storage, a limited lifetime warranty and a number plate. The warranty lasts as long as you have the bike. The wheels are knobby and have solid treads all around. However, the bike is slightly heavier than a few of the other. It is around 28 lbs in weight. And the assembly is easy as well.


  • SmartStart design ensures a more comfortable riding experience
  • Great, reputed bike manufacturer
  • Two different style of brakes
  • Chain guard for added safety
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Bike is heavier than others on its list
  • No suspension
  • No mudguards
  • No rear carrier

The Koen is a great bike from a very old manufacturer who have kept their reputation as great bike makers. The Koen has a unique design which makes it easier for children to ride. It is comfortable and safe ride. However, one should keep in mind that it has no suspension and is considerably heavier than other children’s bike. Still the Schwinn Koen is a great choice for your 5 year old girl or boy.

#4 JoyStar Macarons 14″:

Another bike in our list that is from JoyStar, the macaron is a wonderfully vibrant and funky bike that is an impressive bike. It is made for 5 year olds in mind with its size perfect for children who are 35” to 47” tall.
The frame of the bike is made with 1.2mm steel of the premium grade. The steel being used is HI-TEN steel. The frame is durable enough to withstand being dropped and any bumps during the early riding experience of your child. The frame also is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.
It comes with a set of training wheels which are easy to remove and attach. The training wheel will help your child learn to find their balance as they start to ride their bicycle. The chain is completely covered and provides safety due to the presence of a chain guard.
The brakes on this bicycle are coaster brakes which eliminate all cables and wires from the exterior of the bicycle, letting its aesthetic shine through. The bike is also good for riding in dimmer conditions, as it comes with 4 reflector pieces for the handlebar, seatpost, front and rear spokes each.
The bike is also pretty easy to install as it already comes 85% installed. The seat on the bicycle is attached with a quick release clamp which allows for easy adjustment of the seat saddle. The tire on the macaron are 2.125” pneumatic tires.


  • Premium grade steel frame
  • Safe ride
  • Safe for riding in dimmer conditions
  • Easy to adjust seat height
  • Extremely unique aesthetic style


  • No suspension
  • No lever brake
  • No mudguard

The Macaron is great, fancy looking bike which offers a safe riding experience. It is good choice for those who are looking to let their children ride their bikes in slightly dimmer conditions due to the inclusion of the reflectors on the bicycle. All told, the Macaron is one of our top 5 picks for the best bicycles for 5 year olds.

#5 RoyalBaby Honey 14″:

Again, we see a manufacturer with two products in our list. The RoyalBaby makes another entry in our list with the Honey bicycle. The bicycle is made out of a unique design with a square-tube frame which makes it a unisex design. The 14” sized bicycle is fit for 5 year olds who are around 35” to 47” tall.
The unique frame design of the Honey makes it look compact and reduces its weight considerably even though it is made out of good quality material. The tires on this bike are 2.4”, and are wide air filled tires. The treads are knobby to provide more friction. The training wheels provided with this bike are heavy duty and made to without various bumps and knocks.
The saddle on the bike is also built in such a way that it mimics the contours of the human body which makes it extremely comfortable and easy to ride. The seat saddle is made out of foam which also enhances comfort. The height of the seat saddle is easily adjustable due to the presence of a quick release lever.
The brakes on the bike are both rear coaster and front calliper brakes. The calliper brake lever are made with a Royalbaby patented method. The lever is separated from the bracket which means that not a big reach is required for operating the brake. The lever is wide as well which allows your child to easily apply the brake. These changes also mean that the brakes themselves are easier to maintain.
The bike also has non-slip pedal with reflectors, and TPR soft grip handles. It comes with bell, assembly tools, a designer frame pad and a set of heavy duty training wheels. The bicycle weighs around 22 lbs.


  • Unique frame and fork design
  • Patented 2.4” RoyalBaby wide, knobby tires
  • Single speed drivetrain with covered chain guard
  • Front handbrake and quando coaster brakes


  • No suspension
  • No mudguards

The RoyalBaby Honey is overall a great bike with its unique design. With RoyalBaby patented design being incorporated, makes this bike a comfortable and easy ride for your 5 year old. While being a comfortable ride, it doesn’t shirk in style either. It is one the best bikes for 5 year old children.
And with that we come to the end of our list of the 5 best bicycles for 5 year olds. We have compiled this list based on the factors that we think are important in terms of buying a bicycle for your little one. We hope that you manage to find a great bicycle based on our list of factors even if you don’t like our selection of bicycles. With that happy riding to you and your little one!

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