Best Chainsaws 2021– [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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Chainsaws are considered to be one of the handiest tools to have around. It doesn’t matter whether you have an electric chainsaw or a gas one, having a chainsaw is somewhat necessary. However, depending on the type of chainsaw you possess, it may affect your productivity. Chainsaws are mainly of three types, corded electric, gas powered and battery powered. Each of the type comes with its a fair share of pros and cons. It is advised you to choose the type based on your needs.

You will come across tines of chainsaw models in the market. With so many options flooding the market, it is natural to get confused and especially when you have no or very less idea about buying chainsaws. Buying the right chainsaw is not only dependent on the type of power source but also other important factors like ease of use, the length of the blade and the amount of maintenance required. Yes, you need to maintain and keep your chainsaw machine in a good condition if you want it to function properly for long duration.

You may be a pro about chainsaws but you cannot deny the fact that the technology has changed quite a lot in past years. Therefore, you need to slightly brush up your knowledge on chainsaws before you decide to buy one. This is important so that you can get the best product for yourself. If you are looking forward to buying a new chainsaw, you are at the right place – our Best Chainsaws Review page. We have compiled a list of the 10 of the best chainsaws that you must take a look at before making your final decision.

We have covered all the important details of each of the chainsaws so that you can get a good insight about the products before buying them. In addition, we have also included a buyer’s guide that consists of useful tips that can help you to select the best chainsaws 2021. Without any further delay, let’s clear the basics of chainsaw machine and then move on to the guide section and the Best Chainsaws Reviews section.

What is a chainsaw machine?

Almost all of us have heard about the chainsaw machine. But for the ones who haven’t used a chainsaw before, have you ever wondered what it does or how it works? Well, the chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw which comes with a set of sharp teeth attached to it. The teeth are attached with a rotating chain that runs along the guide bar of the machine. A chainsaw is mainly used for cutting, trimming and pruning trees. Apart from that specialized chainsaw machines are also used for breaking ice and concrete.

Types Of Chainsaw Machines

There are different types of chainsaw machines based on its power source. Before you decide to buy the best chainsaws 2021, you need to first know the types of chainsaws available out there. There are basically three main types of chainsaws in the market and they are as follows:

Gas powered chainsaw:

This type of chainsaws is considered to be the most powerful machines out of the lot. These machines may be hard to start but they are any day more efficient than the other types of chainsaws out there. These chainsaws can even be run on a mixture of oil and gas. You need to either mix it or purchase the premix fuel from the shop.

The main advantages of using a gas powered chainsaw are that they last longer and they are also very much portable. With a gas powered chainsaw machine, you don’t have to worry about getting bothered by an extension cable or running out of charge in the middle of the job. However, the longevity of the gas tank depends on the size of the motor, the way it is used and also on the sharpness of the chain as well. With a single tank of gas, you can expect to run the machine for a half an hour. Also, you can always carry an extra tank of gas and refuel the machine whenever required.

These gas powered units are the most robust ones out there. It may face stiff competition from the electric chainsaws but the gas-powered machines remain to stay on the top.

Corded electric chainsaw:

From the name itself, you can make out that this type of chainsaws is based on electric power. However, the main problem with these chainsaws is that they come with a cord which can be annoying. You need to plug the cord with an electric power source in order to operate the machine. But usually the cord provided with the machine is long enough you can roam around while working with it. However, you still stay confined to a limited area. It is because of this reason that these models are not considered to be great for outdoor jobs and especially in the woods.

This type of chainsaw machines is rather useful if you have to do a lot of repetitive jobs within a small area. For example, trimming and pruning trees in your backyard. The main advantage of using these machines is that they require very less maintenance. This allows you to save a lot of money and time. Not just that, but electric chainsaws are also quieter than any of its counterparts.

Battery powered chainsaw:

These type of chainsaw machines are run on batteries. With the invention of lithium-ion batteries, these machines have been greatly improved both in terms of runtime and power. Battery powered chainsaws may not be the best option for you but they still provide you with a number of benefits.

One of the biggest advantages of using a battery based chainsaw is that you don’t have to deal with annoying cables. However, there are always chances of running out of charge. Not just that, but you also have to deal with charging the machine after every use. It is because of all these limitations, this type of chainsaws are not ideal for outdoor use. Like the corded chainsaws, these machines are rather good for small work within a limited space like in your backyard.

It is true that battery-based chainsaws have a number of cons but that doesn’t mean you cannot give this type a try. The batteries can be charged quite easily and provided that your machines have an expensive battery, it can also last quite long. A battery based chainsaw may not be as effective as a gas-based chainsaw but it is definitely worth a try. Another benefit of using these types of chainsaws is that you don’t have to be bothered about its maintenance. Like electric chainsaws, even a battery based chainsaw requires very less maintenance. In addition, they are also quite light in weight which makes it easy to use.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Chainsaw in 2021

Other than the types, you also need to look into a few important things while buying a chainsaw machine. Also, if you go through our best chainsaws reviews and are confused about buying a new chainsaw for your job, we can help you with it. We have laid out the guidelines with the help of which you can buy the best chainsaws for yourself. Here, take a look at our best chainsaws 2021 buyer’s guide.


What do you need the chainsaw for? This is the first important thing that you must be clear about. Different types of chainsaws are meant for different tasks. For example, if you need a chainsaw to trim and prune your trees then you can simply go for an electric chainsaw. However, if you need it to cut medium sized trees then a gas powered chainsaw will be a better option.

You need to understand that choosing the right chainsaw for the right type of task is important. Not all chainsaws can perform all the task to the best of the expected ability. Some chainsaws are meant for light work while others are meant for heavy tasks. You need to buy a chainsaw based on your need and purpose.

Engine and motor size

This is yet another factor that you cannot ignore. For gas powered chainsaw, the engine size is measured in cubic centimeters. The electric chainsaw is measured in amps and battery powered chainsaws are run on lithium-ion batteries.

While buying a gas-based chainsaw, the machine with more CC is considered to be better. Whereas for the electric chainsaws, engines are known to range between 8 and 15 amps. As far as the battery based chainsaws are concerned, it may last up to two to three years even if you use the machine on a regular basis. You need to consider all of these points in order to buy the best chainsaws 2021.

Guide bar size

The total size of the guide bar is measured from its tip to the point where it projects out from the saw power head. Usually, chainsaw bars are known to range between 6 to 42 inches.

Based on bar size, chainsaws are categorized into three groups – small, medium and large. Small sized chainsaws are usually range from 6 to 14 inches. These type of chainsaws are mainly useful for trimming and pruning trees. You can even use it for light cutting.

On the other hand, medium sized chainsaws range from 22 to 40 inches. These type of machines are mainly used by professionals and people living in rural areas. Medium chainsaws are meant for heavy-duty tasks and therefore, they are mostly used by farmers and ranchers. You can use this type of chainsaws for cutting logs and large trees.

Large chainsaws are the ones that come with 42 inches of guide bar length. These machines have the longest blades. However, choosing a large chainsaw is not advisable as it is too heavy to use. Therefore, it may get difficult for you to handle it.


You also need to check the portability of the chainsaw that you are buying. This is especially important if you have to take it outside in the woods.

The portability of a chainsaw machine is judged from its power supply. For example, an electric corded chainsaw is not considered to be ideal for outdoor purposes as it has less portability. Not just that, but even the weight of the machine matters a lot in its portability. A lightweight machine is obviously going to be more portable than a heavier one.

Let’s say, you need to cut trees in the forest, It is better that you go for a gas powered chainsaw. A battery or electric based chainsaw may not be that portable in this case as you won’t get any power supply out in the woods. Thus, portability is one of the important factors in choosing the best chainsaws 2021.


It is needless to say that the quality of the chainsaw also matters. If you want to make the most of your chainsaw machine you need to choose a high-quality machine. There are a number of brands available out there. However, you need to choose a reputed brand so that you can get a quality machine for your task.

A high-quality chainsaw will ensure that it provides a reliable and excellent performance. Not just that, but it will also last longer. If you are investing in a chainsaw, it is better to buy the best one rather than regretting later. You can go through our best chainsaws reviews below in order to find out the best chainsaws in the market for your purpose.

Safety features

Before you buy a chainsaw you need to make sure that it has all the necessary safety features that are required. Chainsaws are heavy and risky machines and therefore, it is very important for them to have the necessary safety features. These safety measures are provided so that the user is not injured in case of any mishap.

A reliable and reputed chainsaw is likely to come with great safety features than a non-reputed one. Make sure you check all the safety features before buying one.

So these are some of the factors that you need to consider while buying the best chainsaws 2021 in the market. Now that you already know the things that need to be considerate about, let’s move on the list of the best chainsaws. Hopefully, our best chainsaws review will help you get the best chainsaws that you are looking for.

Best Chainsaws of 2021

#1 Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Chainsaw – Top Pick

The Husqvarna 460 24-Inch chainsaw is our top pick. This is one of the best-selling chainsaws out there. If you are looking for a powerful chainsaw that can get your work done easily, you have the Husqvarna 460 Chainsaw as your option.

Equipped with 60cc power, this monster machine can literally cut through the hardest of woods with ease. Not just that, but the machine is also made with quality materials that make it durable and strong. Even when you use the chainsaw machine frequently, it is going to last really long. Well, thanks to it’s robust built that makes it one of the best chainsaws 2021.

Other than just power, the machine has got other things to offer as well. The machine has an inertia-activated chain brake which is known to immediately stop the machine when you drop it. This is one of the safety features provided by the machine. It is because of this feature that you can prevent accidents from happening.

Other features include the Smart Start Technology which allows you to start your chainsaw easily and quickly. There is no need for you to struggle with the machine to start it. However, the machine can feel heavy for the user. Given the excellent features, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem for the users.

In short, if you are looking for a powerful chainsaw that can last long, you can definitely consider this one as one of your options. It has got all the important features on point. We have tried to cover every detail of this product in our best chainsaw review. This will help you to decide better whether this machine is fit for you or not.


  • Easy to start
  • Great features
  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent safety features
  • Durable built


  • The machine may feel a bit heavy while using

#2 Makita XCU03PTI Battery Chain-Saw Kit – The Runner-Up

Makita XCU03PTI Battery Chain-Saw Kit is an electric chainsaw with a battery kit. It is one of the best chainsaws in the market. This battery powered chainsaw allows you to use the machine comfortably as you do not have to deal with an annoying extension cable. Not just that, but this machine also requires very little maintenance which makes it even more preferable for the users. In addition, the machine also produces very less noise which allows you to work in peace without disturbing the entire neighborhood.

This particular chainsaw machine is powered by two 18-volt batteries. These batteries are known to be standardized across the entire Makita electric tool line. This basically means that you can use a battery that you already own and add it to the tool in order to extend it’s operating time. You will get 4 batteries along with the machine which should be enough for your machine to last through heavy projects.

However, users must know that this is not an industry standard machine. Though, most of your residential projects get done easily with the help of this machine.

The only problem with this machine is its safety off switch. It is known to turn the device off just after a couple of seconds. This means that you need to turn the device back on when setting it down to adjust the wood that you are cutting.

Considering the given features, the machine doesn’t seem to have many cons to it. This is one of the main factors that this machine is considered to be one of the best chainsaws 2021.


  • Runs on batteries
  • Cordless
  • Very less noise
  • Very less maintenance


  • Annoying safety features

#3 Black + Decker LCS1240B Chain Saw

The Black + Decker LCS1240b is a decent Chainsaw machine that you can go for. This battery operated electric Chainsaw is known to provide you with an excellent performance. For its weight, the machine is known to perform quite well and can cut through Hardwoods easily. However, the machine is not capable of doing much.

Out of all the features, the 12-inch blade of the machine happens to be the weakest of all. This 12-inch blade is only useful in limited circumstances like pruning trees and cutting down very small trees for firewood.

However, not everything about the machine is a turn off as it is an electric Chainsaw. The machine produces very less noise while working. This allows you to work quietly without getting disturbed. Also, the machine runs on batteries which aids mobility. Using this machine is easy, provided that you oil it regularly in order to maintain its condition. This, however, may feel a bit annoying to some users.

Users must know that the battery used by the machine is quite expensive. This basically means that you may have to spend a lot of money on the batteries once they run out.

Overall, it can be said that this is an ideal machine for lightweight work. You can use this machine for tasks which is not time-consuming. This will help you save the battery life of the machine which in return will allow you to save your money on the batteries. But if you are looking for a heavy duty Chainsaw, you should consider looking for other models on our list. Hopefully, this best chainsaw review will help you to decide better whether to buy this machine or not.


  • Battery operated
  • Very less noisy


  • 12-inch blade
  • Expensive batteries to operate
  • Requires regular oiling

#4 WORX WG304.1 – Best Chainsaw For The Money

This electric corded chainsaw machine gives worth every penny! It can be said that this is one of the best chainsaws that you can get out there. Since it is a corded electric chainsaw, you never have to deal with battery charge running out in the middle of work. Not just that, but you are also spared from the trouble of charging the batteries after every use. This makes the machine much more convenient to use. However, you will have to deal with an extension cable which can be a bit annoying at times.

The good part about this chainsaw is that it comes pre-assembled. This actually saves a lot of time. However, users must know that you need to regularly oil the machine in order to maintain its performance. This may feel a bit of pain on your part but if you want your machine to give you the best performance, the effort is worth it. The machine comes with an oil reservoir which merely requires you to pour oil in it. Also, the machine can automatically apply oil when required.

The machine is also equipped with an automatically-tensioning chain system which eliminates much of your guesswork. Apart, from that, the machine is also equipped with great safety features which ensures that you can work safely with the machine.

Overall, it can be said that this is a pretty decent machine that provides a great value for money. The machine is efficient enough to get your job done easily. If you don’t mind oiling the machine occasionally and are willing to deal with an extension cable while working, this could be an ideal choice for you.


  • Electric Chainsaw
  • Auto-tension chain system
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Great safety features


  • Corded electric
  • Automatic oil lubrication

#5 GreenWorks 20312 G-Max Zero Emission Cordless Chainsaw

This battery powered chainsaw machine is one of the best chainsaws that you can get in the market. With all it’s features, the machine stands out from the rest of the cordless chainsaws out there. This environment-friendly chainsaw machine is equipped with a 16-inch blade which is greater than any other battery or electric powered chainsaw. Most of the chainsaws come with a 14-inch blade. The extra 2-inch blade of the machine provides it with a great advantage. Not just that, but the machine also doesn’t produce any emissions at all.

The machine makes use of a 40-volt battery which is pretty powerful for a battery operated chainsaw machine. With the brush-less motor, the machine is able to perform 30% more efficiently than any other comparable chainsaw machine.

Another good thing about the machine is its lightweight. Since the machine doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, it is much lighter in any other gasoline powered machines. Also, the machine can be started with a single push of a button. This makes things all the more convenient for the user.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option then you can surely go for this one. This machine is known to have several advantages over the other battery operated machines. All these together contribute to the greatness of the machine.


  • Runs on battery
  • 16-inch blade
  • Cordless
  • Light in weight
  • Eco-friendly
  • High voltage battery
  • Easy to start


  • Leaks oil after regular use

#6 Echo CS-590 20” Timber Wolf Chainsaw

With the help of this powerful machine, you can literally cut through anything with ease. It is because of this reason that it is considered to be one of the best chainsaws in the market. However, what makes the machine special is its 20-inch blade which is the longest blade you will come across in chainsaw machines. This ensures that your work is done without any hassle.

What you get from the machine is reliability. The machine can be started easily with just a pull. Moreover, the machine is backed by an extended 5-year warranty which entices users to give it a try. For this price range, the machine actually offers you with a lot of amazing benefits.

The machine is also equipped with the built-in anti-vibe technology that is known to make the cutting process more comfortable for the users. This is one of the best features of the machine.

The machine has also got a great ergonomic handle design which makes it even dearer to the users. In addition, you can get all the standard chainsaw features that are available with other chainsaw machines. For example, automatic chain oiler.

To sum it up, it can be said that this is a pretty great machine. If you are looking for an efficient and powerful machine with a good budget frame, this seems to be an ideal choice for you.


  • Longest 20-inch blade
  • 5-year warranty
  • Built-in anti-vibe technology
  • Standard chainsaw machine features
  • Affordable


  • Problem starting the machine

#7 GreenWorks 20222 9 Amp 14-Inch Corded Chainsaw

This is one of the best chainsaw machines that you will get in the electric chainsaw category. It has got a pretty good market for itself. However, the machine is not built for industrial purposes. With its 14-inch blade, it serves as a perfect machine for clean-up jobs in the backyard.

The most convenient thing about the machine is that it is quite easy to start. All you need to do is push the button and the machine will start. One of the features that is worth mentioning is that it produces no emissions at all. This makes it completely eco-friendly by nature.

The machine is also equipped with quite a lot of safety features. It comes with a comfortable wraparound handle along with a debris guard that protects your hands from wood chips. Apart from that, the machine is also equipped with an automatic chain oiler which allows the machine to work smoothly and spares you from any unexpected jerking motions.

Despite all the good points about the machine, the only place where it loses points is that it is a corded machine. This means that you will have to deal with an extension cable while working. Other than this, the machine is completely fine and great to work with.


  • Easy to start
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Great safety features
  • No emissions


  • Averagely sized blade
  • Suitable for light work
  • Comes with a cord

#8 Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw

If you are looking for a good affordable option, you can definitely go for this chainsaw. For a price bracket of $250, this is a pretty amazing chainsaw machine that you can get. This gas powered chainsaw can provide you with excellent performance. The feature that is worth mentioning is the 16-inch blade size which is long enough for a budget-friendly chainsaw machine. This machine is very effective in cutting the small branches.

The cost of the machine may be lower than other machines out there, but it doesn’t mean that he makers have sacrificed in any of its features. The chainsaw is designed to automatically shut down when it comes in contact with a knot. This is to ensure the safety of the user so that it doesn’t lead to any injuries.

With the easy access adjustment knob, you can make quick adjustments to the chain tension while working. Given the price of the machine, it is quite good and provides you with all the necessary features that are commonly found in other chainsaw machines.


  • Decent sized 16-inch blade
  • Great safety features
  • Easy access adjustment knob


  • Not meant for heavy works

#9 EGO Power+ 14-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

This battery powered chainsaw is yet another great chainsaw machine available out there. This machine is ideal for home use. The machine is powered by a 56-volt battery that provides you with enough power to cut through the tree branches. With the help of this machine, you can easily cut through small and medium-sized branches. Not just that, but you can also get your trimming and pruning jobs done quite easily.

The machine is equipped with a 14-inch blade. It may not be the longest but it can easily get most of your backyard job done. Since the size of the blade is short, it is easy to wield the tool. If you have problems controlling a heavy machine, this should be an ideal option for you.

The machine is also equipped with a number of built-in safety features which makes the machine all the more valuable for the users. The kickback feature of the machine is meant to protect yours from possible injuries. Apart from great safety features, the machine also has a great choice of the battery as well.

In short, it can be said that this is a decent chainsaw machine that you can go for. It has got all almost all the features that you need in your chainsaw. However, the best feature of the machine is obviously the choice of its battery. With this best chainsaws reviews, you can decide better.


  • Great battery choice
  • Has great safety features
  • Easy to wield the tool


  • Short blade size

#10 Poulan Pro 967185102 PP4218A Chainsaw

The next model on our list is the Poulan Pro 967185102 PP4218A chainsaw which is a decent machine to use and also one of the best chainsaws in the market. Poulan was once a great chainsaw manufacturing brand but, it has deteriorated in its quality of products over time. The only good thing about this machine is it’s quick to start system. Apart from that, you can hardly point out any feature that is worth mentioning.

Most of the Poulan chainsaw machines are known to have serious carburetor problems and this one is no exception to that. However, you have a good chance to fix it before the problem goes out of hand provided that you are an engine mechanic. In case, if you are not, good luck with the machine. Not just this, but the machine is also very much prone to stalling when left idle. This can be really annoying for the users. This problem is going to stay as long as you are going to use this machine. This results in wastage of a lot of time as you have to continuously restart the machine while working with it.

This particular chainsaw machine is also louder than other models so you may face a lot of disturbance while using it. Considering all the problems of this machine discussed in our best chainsaw review, it is hard to say whether this machine will make a good buy for you or not.


  • Easy to start


  • Prone to stalling
  • Can get loud
  • Carburettor problems


So these are some of the best chainsaws 2021 that you can go for. Hopefully, our best chainsaws reviews listing the considerable products will be helpful to you in choosing the right chainsaw for yourself. All the mentioned products are known to come with some of the other special features. Based on your need and budget, you can decide the model that is best suited for you.

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