Ways To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organized

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Cleaning your fridge now and then is a tedious task to do. Busy schedules make it even impossible to do until it starts stinking. As refrigerators are an integral part of our daily lives, it becomes essential to keep it clean and organized. But how to do it when you have million other things to do? Find it how easily you can do it in this article below.

How To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organized?

Keeping your refrigerator clean and organized may sound hectic, but it is not when you follow these simple steps listed down below. Few things and rules will reduce your hard work into half and will result in cleaner refrigerator and less time to clean. Moreover, a few simple things will mean no extensive cleaning every weekend. Well, thinking about how you can do that? Here is the list.

1. One Bottle at a time rule

We tend to store extra bottles of things we love like ketchup, mayo, sauce, beer, etc. We end up buying extra quantity with fear of them getting out of stock or unavailable or them getting over at an uncertain point. Storing as little extra of these things creates a pile of stuff in your refrigerator which you will not need in any time soon. Following simple rule of buying them when you need can help a lot. Following the rule of one bottle at a time can help you manage things pretty well. When there are fewer things, it will be easier to manage and clean. This rule will help you to have a less fussy refrigerator and better management.

2. Use of Placemats

Refrigerators are subject to spill and drop abuse. While cleaning gets tough with spills and drops every day, placemats are a convenient option to use. Spreading these mats throughout your refrigerator can save you a lot of energy. Placemats are removable and easy to clean when compared to scrubbing your refrigerator very often. Simple mats can bring a significant change in your cleaning process when they keep the surface inside your refrigerator clean from the everyday use. These mats can get you rid of the tough stains caused by the bottle bottoms, used utensils placed, and all other such stains.

3. Use of Binder and Snack Pouch Clips

Accepting the fact that things inside your refrigerator are wholly responsible for the mess created, there is a way to start over again with the process. Storing your food properly in the fridge will sort the issue instantly. The spilling of your storage, spoiled food and its smell getting into other food items increases your work to clean your refrigerator to many folds. Using binder clips to seal your open packets and other groceries can avoid the mess like spilling and getting rote due to other items getting spoiled in the fridge. These simple clips are life-saving from a cleanliness point of view. These things help you manage your refrigerator by clipping open packets sealed, liquids of certain items trapped, and restricts smell of your food from spreading into your fridge.

4. Use of Paper Liners

Your refrigerator is subject to storage of various items. Some dry and some full of moisture. The trouble is created when your storage with moisture spoils every other thing in your refrigerator including itself. But the real problem starts when your refrigerator starts developing molds and fungus due to the moisture and things get spoil due to it. All these troubles have a very simple and thin solution, which are paper liners. Your crispy food which tends to lose its moisture in the cold temperature of your fridge can be lined with a clear sheet of paper. Whether it is your crispy bun or your cauliflower. These paper liners will keep the food in its lining, fresh and crisp. They stop the moisture from spreading, which protects the food inside it with its natural moisture and food outside of it by absorbing it.

5. Use of Baskets

Using baskets is always a smart way to keep your refrigerator clean and organized. This conventional way to keep the refrigerator clean and managed is still in use and very helpful. Baskets of various size help in keeping things altogether. Things which cannot balance because of the shape and size can be managed with these baskets. Stacking your little things and keeping your small bottles or extra pouches and every other stuff in the refrigerator in these baskets is always advisable.

6. Stop storing things which do not need refrigeration

Well, Refrigerators are places to store in almost every household — a place to store extra grocery, vegetables, dairy products and many more. With the habit of storing, we store things which need no refrigeration. Refrigerating potatoes, onions, ginger, hot sauces, dry groceries, and many other such things makes no sense and populates your refrigerator. It is necessary not to store these things to keep you away from extra work. Refrigerating these things also affects their freshness, consumption quality, smell, and taste. Therefore, not refrigerating such items should be your top priority to keep your refrigerator organized.


These are the few simple things and tips which are highly effective in managing and keeping your refrigerator well organized and clean. These simple things cost nothing and save a lot of time and energy. Following a few checks on the things to do keep it organised; like above will make the process of cleaning your fridge and managing hygiene simple and less complex. These steps also come with various other advantages like keeping a check over your expense when you buy extra and stop future spoilage which again results in reduced spending. Health and hygiene are also maintained with monitoring and daily maintenance of the refrigerator. Your everyday life seems to be less stressful when you open a fridge which is clean, well organized and needs less maintenance. Well, there will be no one who will not enjoy the sight of a refrigerator in which you can easily find what you want, refrigerator and things inside clean and fresh. So, say goodbye to your weekend worries with a few simple refrigerator cleaning and organizing tips.

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